More Capacity Than Most Power Banks

Today with our active lifestyle we spend a lot of time on the go. In these moments only your digital devices help you stay in touch with the rest of the world. That’s why you always need a power source to keep your phone or tablet charged. In this case external charging packs or power banks become very helpful. These devices are in great demand today, and there are many kinds of them available for sale but what if you need more power than most power banks provide? Then you may be curious about the powerful 30.000mAh battery charger from the company Aukey.

First, because it packs so much power, it’s not even close to being portable. It’s 15sm long and 9sm wide and, as a result, it weighs more than half a kilo (when charged). Of course, such capacity results in very long charging time – around 10 hours. But this has its advantages: the power bank has enough power to charge the iPhone 7 more than 10 times. Plus, the charging is really fast, 4 times faster than regular one.

Obviously, it isn’t made only for iPhones, it works fine with any smartphones on Android (Samsung, Sony, and so on), iPad and other tablet devices. The power bank can be recharged with a Lightning or a micro-USB cable, so basically, the same cable that you charge your phone with.

If regular power banks don’t fulfil your needs, and you require more power for your devices, you should check out the Aukey’s power bank. With this power station in your bag you can forget about charging from wall outlets. This power bank will keep your devices charged wherever you are and whenever you need.

Aukey power bank

Aukey power bank


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