Armored Protection for iPhone 7

IPhone 7, as any Apple product and, to be honest, any device at all, requires the best protection. Markets are full of different protective accessories but the company OtterBox made a special and very effective one. It’s called Defender Series Case and designed exclusively for the iPhone 7.

First of all, this case totally deserves its name: it’s an ultimate protective accessory. Only high quality materials, like polycarbonate for the shell and synthetic rubber for the slipcover, were used in making the Defender. The shell on the inside and the slipcover on the outside are two first layers of defence. The third one is an inbuilt screen protector. So, the phone is fully and securely covered with 3 different levels of protection for maximum safety.

Obviously, hits and drops aren’t a threat to the integrity of the case, it’s completely shock-absorbing. Also, all the ports of your iPhone 7 are protected with special covers that stop dust and mud from getting into the phone.

There’s also a nice, practical detail on the back of the case: a holster that can be used as a stand or a belt clip.

Cases for iPhones from OtterBox are probably one of the best, and the Defender Series is no exception. In this case you can be sure that your smartphone is safe and secure. If only your new iPhone 7 could talk, it would definitely thank you for such fantastic protection.

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