Best Selling Chord & Major Premium Earphones

Music is something that everybody loves and appreciates. That’s why people pay a lot of attention when choosing such devices as headphones and audio players. Speaking of headphones, there are a lot of cheap ones on the market. They break all the time and provide poor sound quality. So, people more often choose more expensive headphones because of their attention to details and great sound performance. For true music lover Chord & Major created premium quality and even luxury earphones – Tonal Premium Earphones.

These best selling earphones have six different kinds. Depending on the music genre you like, you can choose Rock, Classical, Jazz, Ballad, Electronic and World Music earphones. Every kind has unique features which suit better for a certain music genre. In this review we will pay closer attention to Classical earphones.

The Chord & Major Tonal Classical Earphones come in a luxurious package – a redwood case. The materials used in making them are always premium quality: earbud housings are made of steel and covered with rosewood. The look is very fashionable and reliable.

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All kinds of the Chord & Major Tonal Earphones are fitted with single drivers but they have different characteristics to suit better for a specific music genre. The Classical has a 21Ω impedance and a 96dB sensitivity (a little more than Jazz and Rock). It’s also equipped with built-in monitors made specifically for classical music. But it doesn’t mean that it’s made only for this genre: you can enjoy jazz or rock but the sound will be slightly different.

The Chord & Major Tonal Classical Earphones are very ordinary in one point – they have a 3.5mm jack plug, so you can listen to music from any device, whether it’s an iPhone, an iPad, a smartphone on Android or a simple MP3-player.

So, if you’re a real music enthusiast and you’re ready to overpay for the premium quality of this accessory, the Chord & Major Tonal Classical Earphones are a great choice for you. With their elegant, even luxurious style and fantastic sound performance, these earphones will bring the beauty of music to everybody.

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