Portable Big Memory Samsung SSD T3 500Gb

Today our computers have become massive storages of different information. Often there’s not enough space on our PCs or laptops, so we have to consider buying external storage devices or SSDs (solid-state drive). On the market there are plenty of them in all shapes and sizes and we’d like to offer you one of many good ones: the Samsung SSD T3 500Gb.

First of all, it’s incredibly compact and portable – it weighs only 56g and fits ideally in a hand. You can easily put it in a pocket and carry as a useful accessory for your laptop. Despite such size, the T3 has many impressive features. The exterior is made of solid materials and the drive is actually shock-resistant – it withstands 1500G of force, so no worries about accidental hits or drops. That guarantees the safely of the data.
The T3 has a capacity of 500Gb which isn’t very much but quite enough. Compared to regular external hard drives, this one has a bigger transfer speed – 450 Mb/s, almost 4 times faster than traditional HDDs.

One more advantage of the T4 is connectivity. It has a USB 3.1 Type-C port and an included USB Type-C to Type-A cable, so you can access your data on multiple devices including MacBooks, iPhones, iPads and gadgets on Windows and Android.

With its portability, capacity and simple connectivity the Samsung SSD T3 is a great choice for everybody. It will keep you data safe and secured and you can easily access it on any device.

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