How to Choose Selfie Sticks

Today, if you go out of your house and take a walk, you’ll definitely see at least one person (more like one group of people) who’s posing for a photo while holding his (or her) phone in front. That’s true, selfies have officially taken over the Earth. Everywhere in the world (the selfie “capital”, by the way, is located in Philippines) this phenomenon has gained immense popularity. All the social networking sites are filled with selfies.

This, obviously, resulted in huge increase in creating and manufacturing different selfie accessories. You can find special devices for iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, and so on. But one thing that probably every selfie fan has is a selfie stick or a monopod. It’s usually a compact and handy device that allows you to take wider pictures. On the market you can find many various selfie sticks and if you want to buy one, how do you not get lost among this diversity?

There are certain points that you should take into account before buying a monopod:

1. What do want to use it for? Usually almost every selfie stick is compatible with any smartphone devices, including iPhones, and phones based on Android and Windows OS. But if you need something a little more special, you should check out monopods that work with different devices, like tablets and cameras. There are special GoPro sticks available and if you’re looking for something like that, you have to pay attention to them.

2. What’s it made of? Good selfie sticks are usually made of aluminium which makes them a perfect and reliable lightweight companion for everybody. If you’re into outdoor activities and you want your monopod to serve you longer, you have to make sure that it’s water and corrosion resistant.

3. How do you take shots? There are two options here: either with a shutter button on the stick itself or via Bluetooth. The latter is a better one and it’s widely used with smartphones. For digital cameras and GoPros it would be better to go with the first one.

4. How long is it? Most sticks are extendable to a certain length and it’s up to which one to choose depending on your purposes. Talking about other characteristics, you should remember that not every stick can “lift” a heavy device, so be aware of its maximum load.

All in all, never rush to buy the first selfie stick that you like, take your time and weigh all the pros and cons. Hopefully, this information will help you make a right choice.

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