Light and Universal Selfie Stick

In our modern society with the Internet and social networks selfies have become a new fashion trend. Consequently, the popularity of various selfie devices increased immensely. Of course, in many you can just your smartphone for taking a picture but for wider shots and group selfies you need a selfie stick.
In this diversity of selfie sticks for iPhone, Samsung or any other smartphone devices on the market, we chose one of many good ones to tell you about – it is the Minisuit Selfie Stick.

This stick is probably one of the best options for regular use. Although it’s super light and compact (136g), it extends to almost a meter. There’s no need to worry here, your mobile device or camera won’t be damaged due to a firm fixation on the cradle.

The cradle itself is adjustable (2 to 3.5 inches), so even bigger smartphone may be used for making selfies. Speaking of compatibility, the Minisuit Selfie Stick works fine with any iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or many other Android smartphones as well as cameras, like GoPro. The stick connects with your phone via Bluetooth and there’s a Bluetooth remote, so there will no problem with taking pictures.

If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced, practical device for bigger selfies, Minisuit Selfie Stick is definitely for you. It may not surprise you with an amount of features but it has everything you need in a regular selfie stick: it’s reliable, convenient and compatible with most devices.

Minisuit Selfie Stick

Minisuit Selfie Stick

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