GoPro Extension Pole Battery Integrated Selfie Stick

Among selfie lovers there are always those who care more about the quality of their shots. In this case a smartphone, even an iPhone, doesn’t fullfil their desires, they need something more. GoPro cameras are in great demand among many people and these devices also let you make amazing selfies. But for that you need a suitable selfie sick and, luckily, there is a truly fantastic one – PolarPro PowerPole Battery Integrated GoPro Extension Pole.

First of all, it already looks like it’s made to last. This accessory has an aluminium construction which guarantees lightness and durability. Also, it’s extendable – for making wider shots it has a maximum length of 30 inches (76sm), excluding the handle and the cradle. Your camera, by the way, is safely fixed on the cradle due to a three-pong mounting system.

The most useful thing is definitely a built-in 5400 mAh battery for charging your GoPro while filming or taking pictures. The battery time reaches up to 10 hours and there’s a micro-USB port for recharging it. There are two USB-ports for simultaneous charging of multiple mobile devices, so you can even charge your iPhone from it. In case of rain or snow, the ports are both protected with Splash Proof.

So, PolarPro PowerPole Battery Integrated GoPro Extension Pole is the best choice for those who’s looking for more colorful selfies. This accessory may be a little pricey but it will allow you to depict the brightest moments of your life in the highest quality and that is priceless.

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