Best MacBook Screen Protector

A MacBook is something that requires constant care and attention, so obviously, there’s no such thing as too much, when talking about protection for your MacBook. You’ve already bought a bag or sleeve to carry it around safely but what about the screen? That’s a very vulnerable part of any laptop and it also needs the best protection. Let’s consider one of many options available on the market: Moshi iVisor for MacBook.

The Moshi iVisor is an innovative and very effective screen protector. It’s highly transparent which means as little impact brightness as possible. A special coating and multi-layered structure on the protector provide ultimate transparency and clarity, at the same time lowering the glare which is much better for your eyes. The surface was treated in special ways, so that scratches and fingerprints wouldn’t cause any trouble for the screen.

According to Moshi engineers, this is the only screen protector with an immediate and bubble-free installation. That’s true, the installation really wouldn’t take even a minute. Plus, iVisor can be used multiple times – you can just clean it and install again.

So, if you’re tired of fingerprints or dust on the screen of your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air and you want to ensure its safety, iVisor from Moshi might be the best solution for you. It will not only protect your screen but take care of your health, reducing the impact on your eyes. It’s practical and helpful – what more do you need?

Best MacBook Screen Protector

Best MacBook Screen Protector

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