How to Choose Wireless Charger For Your Phone

Picking a suitable wireless charger isn’t as easy as it sounds, you have to consider many important things before making a decision. So what should you keep in mind when choosing a wireless charger?

Today there are many different smartphones on sale and a lot of chargers don’t work with all of them. Usually, manufacturers focus on specifics and don’t pay attention to versatility of their products. Here’s what we mean: there is a basic charging standard Qi that’s being used by most of the wireless chargers. Unfortunately, not all smartphones (even such top-devices as Samsung Galaxy and iPhone) aren’t compatible with this standard, they still a special case or other devices for charging wirelessly. But we have to say that in this case there are tons of different battery skins, sleeves and other similar products that would help integrate the Qi standard into your smartphone.

Of course, there are other criteria for choosing a wireless charger. Let’s talk about technical side. You always have to be aware of the energy output (usually it’s 5V but it can be more) because the higher this number is, the faster your devices charge. Other important features are light and sound indicators which signal if the charger is working properly.

Wireless Charging Guide

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Now, the design. There are so many of these wireless chargers, so you don’t even know where to look first. So you have to decide what you exactly want in a charger: compact and easy to carry around or larger ones which you would keep at home and maybe use as a stand.

Some manufacturing companies often offer help in case of breakage of some sort which is really helpful. That’s why you need to know if the company provides contact information and warranty. Top brands usually have one- or even two-year warranties. So there you have it, wireless chargers are very widespread now, there’s plenty of different kinds and hopefully, our advice will help you pick the right one.

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