Stylish JBL Voyager

Voyager is one of JBL’s best portable speakers with powerful sound and a nice look.

The first thing you notice is design which is very stylish. The portable speaker is attached to the dock with a magnetic clip and turned upwards for better acoustics. The Voyager comes in two colours: black and white. Of course, Voyager works via Bluetooth, so it can be connected to any of your devices (phones, tablets, laptops). So you can enjoy your favourite tunes wherever you are.

Also, JBL says the battery in the Voyager is good for 5-hour non-stop use. Plus, it features a speakerphone system with an echo-cancellation technology.

Inside the Voyager there are two 45mm drivers and a 77mm sub-woofer. All of these provide a broad frequency range: from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The sound is very rich – it could easily fill a small room. All genres of music sound incredibly well through this speaker.

Stylish JBL Voyager

Stylish JBL Voyager

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