Travel with Portable Bluetooth Speaker Denon Envaya Mini

Denon Envaya Mini is a portable wireless speaker which would be a great travel companion for music lovers. The Envaya Mini has a very smart design. It’s made of solid materials that ensure safety and durability. It’s also water-proof and both its ends are protected with rubber, so that the device wouldn’t be damaged in case of a drop. Plus, along with the Envaya Mini you get a bag which makes it perfect for travelers.
Travel with a Denon Envaya Mini

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The Envaya Mini is a Bluetooth speaker, so you can switch some good music with your iPhone or any other smartphone device whenever you like. The battery life reaches almost 10 hours from a single charge. By the way, for charging a micro-USB cable is used which is great news for non-iPhone users who can charge the speaker with their phone cables. There’s also a 3.5mm auxiliary input on the side for connecting the speaker with other devices.

The Denon Envaya Mini offers an excellent sound quality. It’s fitted with two 40mm active drivers and a passive radiator to avoid any sound deformity. Despite some issues with higher volumes, the speaker gives great bass and mid-sound.

Denon Envaya Mini Wireless Speaker
Portable Premium Bluetooth Speaker

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