Comfortable Premium Headphones with Wooden Ear Cups

Today we can say for sure, the Telefunken Audion is a one of best headphones for music enthusiasts. Everything about this headphone tells you that it was made with great attention to details. It all begins with presentation – the Audion comes in a padded briefcase. Other useful things that come as a set include two extra-earpads, 3.5 to 6.35 mm adapter, a detachable 3m cable and, of course, keys for the case.

In terms of wearing the headphones, the Audion won’t cause you any discomfort. The ear cups are made out of wood for resonance absorption, the headband is quite comfortable and very easily adjustable and the ear pads fit nicely to everybody. Your ears would probably feel a bit warm but not too warm thanks to special ventilation holes.

Telefunken's Premium Headphone


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Technically the Audion headphones are also very impressive. They have one of biggest 50mm dynamics that provide a broad range of frequency (10-26000 Hz) and an excellent sound pressure level (100 dB at 1kHz). All these features contribute to an amazing sound performance. People keen on music will appreciate the quality of all the sounds in the frequency band, from bass to brilliance.

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