Daily Smart Headset

This new high-tech device Sony Smart B-Trainer is loaded with advanced features, designed to enhance and improve your workout. Starting with Its main feature, which is light and comfortable waterproof headset, that not only allows you to run while listening to your favorite music, but you can also swim while listening to your favorite music. That has to bring some extra motivation. Music sets the rhythm and makes entire process so much more enjoyable.

The headset Is securely held in place with a rear head strap. Controls are conveniently positioned on the device so you can easily adjust volume, change the track and even take voice memos for later use. Some wrist band performance trackers provide similar functionality, however Sony Smart B-Trainer specifically designed for enhanced workout experience with music, while still providing all the essential performance tracking features, like heart beat monitor, GPS, gyroscope, distance and step counter, as well as iPhone and Android support that allows you to review your performance later on at home on a large screen.

Highly customizable Sony Smart B-Trainer allows you to select workout program that suits your needs, and prompts you with voice notifications where applicable, removing the need to constantly look at the screen.

Easily connected to any device with a USB cable, Smart B-Trainer is simple to use and require no maintenance. Water and shock proof, light and elegant design and battery that lasts for several hours, makes this device a must have for any workout enthusiast.

Sony Smart B-Trainer

Sony Smart B-Trainer

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