Fitbit Charge 2 Most Popular Best Selling HR Fitness Wristband

From the creators of the original Fitbit Charge Heart Rate Smart Band wearables comes out the new best selling fitness tracking device called Fitbit Charge 2. Packed with all the essential features to enable you to track your exercise activities, this device becomes all-in-one fitness assistant with built in smart phone connection and improved interface.

First thing you are going to notice is the enlarged display, allowing you to get more information just at a glance. Extended variety of settings allows you to fine tune this device to your best liking. Besides, its main purpose of tracking exercise activity, this device works extremely well throughout the day, providing you with all the data about your movement, calories spent, sleep tracking and even helps you with your breathing exercises.

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Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Tracker Wristband, Large, Black/Silver

Fitbit Charge 2 Wristband Large
Colors: Black, Blue, Plum

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Featuring sleek modern design, improved battery life as well as black and white OLED screen that will help you to clearly see the display contents even in bright sunlight. Once it is connected to you smartphone over Bluetooth you will be able to receive all call and text notifications as well as calendar reminders. It will also enable you to sync the tracker data with an exercise tracking app in order to review your statistics in greater detail.

Here is something else that will help you to stay active. Just think about how much time you spend sitting in front of your computer screen during the day. With this device you will receive automatic reminders if it detects that you are leading sedentary life style in order to encourage you to take predefined number of steps. From now on you will never forget to take breaks from the incessant grip of your computer screen.

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