Charge your Device on-the-go

Because of the low battery life of today’s smartphones, portable chargers become more and more popular. Having this solution, you can be sure that you will be online at the right time.

The Lifepack – solar powered and anti-theft backpack – was created to simplify the life of smartphone owners. It is also equipped with a build-in battery, so it allows you to recharge your iPhone many times.

Inside the Lifepack there are four hidden sections, in which you can put your smartphone and other accessories. In one of the sections there is a USB port to charge your phone.
The bag is filled with air, protecting the contents from falling. This new backpack is water resistant and has an integrated lock, that will keep your bag and the stuff inside it save and secure. This lock has also one useful feature – it can be used as bottle opener.

Thus, with the Lifepack you can combine your life and work together in one bag.
This backpack is super organized with a lot of different pockets and sections to store your stuff. With a solar bank USB charger will constantly stay online.

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