Innovative, Slim and Stylish Stand Sleeve for MacBook

Contemporary, innovative, ultra-slim and stylish Cozistyle Stand Sleeve for MacBook, contains the protection properties, including stand function, what in its turn makes possible to place the laptop under the convenient angle. The slope angle, which you will be able to set up, while using Cozistyle Stand Sleeve perfectly suits for typing onto your keyboard, and furthermore it forms special air gap, improving the air flow of your MacBook.

Stylish Stand Sleeve for MacBook

This sleeve is developed in a special way to provide maximum efficiency in use for MacBook owners. To ensure 100% ultimate protection, this stand sleeve is made of water-repellent poly fabric, protecting your device from bumps and scratches as well. The unique design of the stand sleeve will provide it with sophisticated and elegant look, and moreover will be helpful to you in creation of your own style.

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View and Buy Cozistyle Smart Sleeve

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View and Buy Cozistyle Stand Sleeve


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