Powerful Jackery Jewel Cable

Today, when the things are humming, you cannot take control of everything going on in your life. That is why we often lose count of time, get late for meetings, forget our keys, and so forth. Everybody probably faces this kind of problems once in their life. It can also happen that you neglect to charge your smartphone in time, and it runs out of battery at the most inappropriate moment. In such moments, you would do everything to get a chance to boost your battery at least a little bit.
The solution can be found with the Jackery Jewel Lightning Cable.

This power cable comes equipped with a portable 450 mAh battery. Even though it is not considered to be a fully-featured power bank, it can be pretty useful when you need your smartphone right away. You can utilize it to top up your iPhone battery on 25% in only twenty minutes, which measures up to three more hours of use. This accessory can be a lifesaver for those who need to stay in touch all the time.

Except for working with iPhones, it is also compatible with iPods and iPads, which makes it a perfect buy for any Apple user. You can use the Jackery Jewel cable for syncing your gadgets as well. For example, you can plug your mobile into your laptop to transfer music and other files, and during this time your smartphone will be being recharged as well. A one-meter long practical and multifunctional device is very compact and lightweight so you can carry it around in your bag or briefcase conveniently.

Jackery Jewel Lightning Cable with Integrated Battery

Jackery Jewel Lightning Cable with Integrated Battery


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