MacBook Bag Following Trends

This accessory will serve you as both a protective case and a compact bag

There is no need to carry around a large bag if you need only your MacBook and smartphone at hand. In this case, the Outback Solo for MacBook Air would be a nice choice.
This accessory will serve you as both a protective case and a compact bag for your gadgets and other small essentials. Except for protecting your devices from scratches and falls, it will provide easy access to all your belongings.

Equipped with a detachable shoulder strap the case can be worn over your shoulder, or you can put it in a backpack with the strap being removed. Even though it is very compact, it comes with one main and two additional front pockets. A padded compartment is designed especially for your laptop. Two other pockets will keep your iPhone and accessories such as a wallet, keys, and chargers for your gadgets well-ordered.

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If you appreciate minimalism in everything, then this case will suit you best. Made of high-quality waxed canvas and leather it has no eye-catching features. Therefore, it is a more practical rather than aesthetical addition to your accessory collection.
However, it will perfectly go with your belt and watch.
The case is not lightweight, but it is not heavy either. You will not have any troubles while carrying it around. Living in the time when gadgets tend to get smaller and thinner, you can be sure that this accessory will come in useful for many years.

MacBook Bag Following Trends

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