How to Choose Case for your Tablet

Here I’m going to talk about the types of Tablet cases and what criteria are important for choice. With iPad you comfortably look over pages, make presentations, watch films and make other daily things. It is something between a portable smartphone and relatively stationary laptop. Therefore, IPad cases keep a special place.

Well, what is presented on the market:

The first and most common type of tablet case is so-called “back cover”. There are several type of covers, that are made of Silicon, plastic, rubber or TPU or other materials and Covers are produced by double injection molding, using plastic + TPU material (or silicon).
If we talk about simple and inexpensive protective cases, it is certainly back cover. It doesn’t matter, what material was used: plastic or TPU.
Double injection molding back covers usually look very beautifully and they hold Tablet pretty good, so it won’t occasionally fall down. But they commonly cost more expensive, so they are less popular. We can notice this type of covers very rarely, because the market is crowded with different cases. And profit cannot cover the investment expenditures, for the producer it is actually unjustified.

Back cover type, cited above, has one big advantage and a huge disadvantage:
Advantage is that they are very lasting, practically not become spoilt, not wear out, not miss the colour and not leak.
Disadvantage is that the screen of tablet isn’t protected from impacts and everybody can look into your tablet, if you left it without tending on the table (if there is no password installed on your iPad).

The next is about Tablet cases with flap cover.

Book type cases and Cases with stand function.
The Book type case is pretty widespread. Prices vary from very cheap, that are made of PU leather (artificial leather), to premium, that are made of genuine leather. It’s comes with simple structure for daily life.
Case with stand function has two viewing angles: the first is in the lying position (horizontal position) and the second is in the standing position (vertical position). There are some disadvantages. For example, if you lie on the sofa, you cannot always choose a proper angle. Or if the light is falling, it is hard to be settled, you need to change your position or place.

One of the most interesting type of tablet cases is the case with multi angle view function.

There are two versions of this type of the case: they can be made on the hinge mechanism or with the anti-slide material on the interior of the case.
What are iPad Cases with multi angle view function? These are the cases, that allow you to set up your iPad with any comfortable viewing angle. It is rather useful. This case is for any conditions: at home, in the office, in a café etc.
In case of ‘anti-slide’ material, that allows you to put your iPad in any position too, but it can wear out in the course of time and stop to be anti-slide, missing ‘multi-angle’ function.
IPad case with multi angle view function – it’s an ideal solution for all occasions.

And finally – shock absorbing cases.

There are relatively not many types of really shock absorbing protective cases, that are presented on the market. It shows relatively low demand, definitely because these cases aren’t for everyone.

Thus, we come to conclusion, that at large choice, talked-up brand is less important than functionality and price. Finally, we choose whatever we like, from the wide range of production.

Choose Your Best Case for your Tablet

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