Strotter iPad Cases On the Go

Across and Platforma hands-free iPad cases made by Strotter are two accessories that can be transformed into mobile desks for you to use your gadget with two hands while standing up with comfort. No matter which generation of iPad you use – there are models suitable for all of them, including the latest ones. While Across models are slim cases, Platforma ones are slightly thicker and look more like messenger bags.

All of these cases offer several carrying options – you can wear them as shoulder bags, messenger bags, and backpacks. All models come equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap and a sliding buckle that will let you customize your accessory in no time. The strap fits most body types, so everybody can own one of these cases and use it for their convenience. Take note that all models feature a microfiber suede lining. However, not all of them are made from genuine leather.

It is hard to say for whom these accessories are mainly designed. Students, travelers, teachers, home inspectors, and others – all of them will highly appreciate the ability to use their iPads with both hands while on the go. These cases do not only convert into mobile desks, but they also serve as protective covers for Apple tablets. So, in case you drop your gadget, there is no need to worry about it getting scratched or damaged until it is encased in one of these accessories.

On the Go with Strotter iPad Cases

On the Go with Strotter iPad Cases

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