Self-Healing Screen Protector

Meet new Cozistyle screen protector. This screen protector is widely regarded to be a leader on the market in the category of iPhone screen protectors, as it is manufactured of self-healing smart materials and moreover it contains dust-resistant coating, what actually will help to keep your device safe and protected. The product protects your iPhone from various bumps and scratches, and from the other mechanic influence as well. Cozistyle screen protector is truly efficient in use, as it is:

  1. Ideally clean. Oleophobic surface of this accessory prevents the occurrence of various stains and fingerprints onto your screen.
  2. Easy to use. While using Cozistyle screen protector, you will be able to stick it on your iPhone just in some seconds.

Moreover, the screen protector of Cozistyle brand doesn’t distort an image on your screen, thanks to its low thickness.

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