Luxury Marble Premium Charging Dock for Apple Watch

The Marble Edition Premium Charging Dock for Apple Watch by Native Union took a few steps further than conventional charging devices that you probably used to see or use with other gadgets. Being made of natural marble and polished by hand this stylish and practical accessory doesn’t only look very fancy but also works great. While charging and gracefully displaying your gadget it will serve you as a great addition to your interior as well. No matter what kind of Apple watches and strap sizes you have, this dock perfectly goes with any model.

You can opt for either black or white marble accessory, and your choice will depend on both your preferences and interior design of the place where you are going to use it. While a white accessory will perfectly match the pastel walls and furniture of your bedroom or living room, a black one will look great in front of modern office supplies and other gadgets.

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Premium Dock for Apple Watch

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For your smartwatch to look to advantage on the stand, rotate the metal arm to choose the optimal viewing angle for it. Since your watch is properly secured magnetically, you can use the dock not only vertically but also horizontally. Place the charging device in your bedroom on a nightstand to match your bedside alarm clock or at your office to complement your luxury leather desk set. Be sure that there is no better way of storing and charging your Apple watch than with this marble dock.

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