Best Selling Rotatable Aluminium Stand + Charger for iPad

No matter which generation of iPad you own, you can use it with the Mophie Powerstand Rotatable Aluminium Stand + Charger for iPad Tablets. Unlike many other workstations manufactured only for comfortable use of different gadgets, this one will not only hold your tablet in the needed position for hands-free viewing but also charge it when its battery is low.

Thanks to a dual hinge, the stand can be adjusted to any height with ease – you can customize it to watch movies, type, read, or chat with comfort. Since the invention comes with a USB cable and a collapsible charger, you will be able to charge your gadget from either your PC or a wall outlet without taking your mind off your work. During the whole charging process the cable will not trouble you, and the logos on the stand will glow white adding to its exquisite look.

Rotatable Aluminium Stand for iPad

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The stand features a durable construction that is made of aluminum. Nevertheless, Mophie powerstand is very compact and light-weight. It will take you a moment to install and remove your iPad on and from the mechanism. However, make sure that you take the cover off of your tablet before positioning it on the stand. Otherwise, you will not be able to insert the gadget.

This accessory is a perfect buy for those who use their iPads often and continuously. With the stand, you don’t have to wait for your device to get fully charged to continue working or playing on it with comfort.

Mophie Powerstand
Rotatable Aluminium Stand + Charger
for iPad Tablets

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