Ergonomic Laptop Desk Folding Transformable Workstation

Take a comfortable position while working on your laptop with the OMAX A8 Ergonomic Portable Laptop Desk Folding Table Transformable Workstation with two Cooling Fans. This device will help you retain a healthy posture as well as get rid of neck and back pain. You can take this portable workstation to your office or café and use it on a table or a counter for working, or you can just position it on your laps, bed or couch for comfortable hands-free viewing of various gadgets.

Folding Transformable Workstation

Ergonomic Portable Laptop Desk Folding Table
Transformable Workstation with two Cooling Fans

This workstation perfectly goes with any Apple MacBook laptops or any other notebook computers, as well as tablets. Moreover, you can utilize this accessory as a stand for your books or magazines for comfortable reading. No matter how and where you use it, you can always find a way to take advantage of such a well-thought invention. Transform the device by choosing one of twenty available positions to customize it in accordance with the needed height. The workstation features a non-slip surface for your gadget to be secured properly.

With its sleek design, this innovative accessory can serve you as a stylish addition to your room or office. For your convenience, the accessory comes with a slide-up beverage tray, where you can place your lunch or a cup of coffee. A compact and light-weight device with the weight of not more than 2 pounds doesn’t require a lot of storing space. OMAX Portable Laptop Desk can be easily transported in your bag, briefcase, or backpack.

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Folding Transformable Ergonomic Laptop Desk

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