VAJA Premium Leather Cover for Apple Devices

When choosing a suit for your iPad, you will want it to fit in with the sizes of your gadget and match your other accessories. When it comes to Apple devices, there is nothing better than genuine cases from VAJA brand. If you need a great and stylish cover for your iPad, then pay attention to the Nuova Pelle Premium. This case is hand-crafted from premium floater or bridge leather which delivers extra strength and durability and is designed specifically for your device.

Except for being durable, this suit has its charm. If an aesthetic side of your accessories means much to you, then you will highly appreciate its stitched edges and tooled leather cover. Unlike many other suits that get tarnished in the course of time, this accessory looks even better. Being wrapped in luxury leather your iPad will perfectly go with your bag and belt.

When it comes to its practical side, then you will see that this case comes with the STAND function. With it, you can position your device on any horizontal surface and watch movies hands-free. For a streamlined fit and comfortable use, the case comes equipped with a magnet system which is, however, absolutely safe for any electronic gadget. As soon as you close the cover, your iPad will go into sleep mode fully automatic that will help you save your battery life.

Vaja Cases MacBook Pro 13 Touch Suit Leather Cover
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Premium Leather Cover for MacBook

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