Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker

Today, there is nothing weird about gadgets which “speak” and “understand”

Today, there is nothing weird about gadgets which “speak” and “understand” voice commands. The same is with the Smart Bluetooth Speaker BSP60. With it, Apple clients can now be informed about the incoming messages and weather forecast without the need to scroll the screens of their mobiles. Making conference calls, planning daily schedule, setting up a timer and alarm, and doing other tasks hands-free – all of this and even more is now possible with such an amazing personal assistant!

Ask the speaker to set up an alarm for you to get to an important meeting on time from a distance or switch on the timer that will remind you about your chicken at an oven while your hands are busy with cooking other foods. You can now go wild with such a gadget!

It comes equipped with pint-sized wheels to move across your bedside table or other smooth surfaces for more convenient use. Twin sections popping out of the top of the device as well as its bright lights that always change their colour contribute to its snazzy design. Except for having incredible technical capabilities, this compact multitasking robotic assistant also looks glamorizing.

Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker

Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker

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