Sony Xperia Ear Smart In-ear Bluetooth Earbuds

This year, the whole world witnessed the release of a small but very functional Bluetooth headset – the Sony Xperia Ear Smart In-ear Bluetooth Earbuds. The gadget has its app that should be set up in accordance with your needs first. No worries! If you are new to this, then a built-in tutorial will come in useful.

As soon as the set-up process is completed, you will be able to receive and make private calls, check on new messages, map routes, listen to music, and search for the needed information on the Internet hands-free with the headset being positioned in your ear. You will be able to use it for around four hours on a single charge. However, you can make use of a built-in charger to increase this time by other eight hours to stay informed and be in touch with others longer.

Sony Xperia Ear Smart Earbuds

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For easy storage and transportation, the device comes in a plastic box. As soon as you take the headset out, it starts working. The gadget knows when you are placing it in your ear. If you support minimalist solutions, then you will like its smooth covering with no buttons on it. However, there is one located under the soft-touch surface. Even though the headset doesn’t feature an eye-catching design, it looks very stylish. Therefore, be sure that such a small detail will add to your social standing.

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