Innovative Premium Charger Moshi IonBank 3K Battery Pack

Just imagine how disappointing it can be when you are waiting for an important call while being out and your smartphone shows a low battery. To avoid such unpleasant situations, make sure that you always have a portable charger at hand. There is no wonder if you opt for the Innovative Premium Charger Moshi IonBank 3K Battery Pack. With it, you will be able to recharge your smartphone on the go and always keep in touch with others.

When it comes to the most versatile portable power banks, this gadget appears on the scene. Since it comes with two USB ports, you will be able to charge and recharge more than one Apple device featuring a lightning port at the same time. To start the charging process, all you have to do is to press the button located on the top of the battery. If you want to have one device fully charged sooner, plug a free USB cable into a wall or car charger. The SmartSense always detects how many gadgets are being recharged.

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Unlike many other portable batteries, this one doesn’t only have excellent technical features, but it also looks great. You will like its eye-catching deep red leather case with delicate stitches on the edges. Such an item will be an excellent addition to your accessory collection as well: it goes perfectly with any leather belt or wallet.

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