Kanex GoPower Charger for Apple Devices

Today the major part of the smartphone users actually applies portable battery chargers. Thanks to these accessories the users have an opportunity to increase the battery life of their gadgets significantly. However, the developers of Kanex GoPower Watch specialty are well under way.
In practice, Kanex GoPower Watch is a compact and unique additional battery charger, being compatible not only with iPhone but with also Apple Watch and other Apple devices.

Especially for charging of Apple Smart Watch Kanex GoPower Watch contains wireless charging, making possible to charge the battery of Apple Watch in a wireless mode.

Inside of a compact case is set up the battery with a capacity of 4 000 mAh, and on the frontal area, the special LED-indicator may be observed. The last one makes possible for the users to control remaining additional battery charge.

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Kanex GoPower: portable battery charger for Apple Watch and iPhone

Kanex GoPower Stand Magnetic Charging
for Apple Watch, iPhone, Apple Device

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