Stylish Slim Waterproof Sports Round-Shaped Smartwatch

Smartwatch wearable gadgets are getting popular. In this review we will briefly observe BigBen Waterproof Stylish Slim Smartwatch Waterproof Bluetooth Sports Fitness Tracker with round-shaped design. Design made in a modest style, looks impressive and elegant. Can make a phone calls on a cell phone with built-in Bluetooth. The watch will remind you of an important meetings.

For people engaged in sports and modern style, these watches will be an indispensable gadget. With the modern technology on this smart watch can set the pedometer or the sensor of your sleep. Clock will alert you using vibration – signal that you can easily feel on your skin. Vibration light.

Smart Watch MiFone

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On this stylish smartwatch easy to adjust the time and set the alarm. It’s suitable for almost all mobile phones based on Android and can be configured in more than ten languages. BigBen Smartwatch also water resistant. Smart watches are equipped with the latest version of Bluetooth 4.0, allowing to keep in touch with your mobile phone at a distance of up to one hundred meters.

On the screen there is a blockage, which will protect it from unexpected touch. It has a resolution of 64 to 48 megapixels. Diagonal less than 0.66 inches. Through such functional features, Smartwatch looks great in the hand and is suitable not only for sportswear, but also by elegant.

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