Parrot Zik Noise Cancelling High End Wireless Headphones

You feel them, they feel you – something like this can be characterized Parrot Zik wireless touch sensors on both sides. It’s certainly cool ! The electronics inside the Parrot Zik is running on battery 800 mA / h, hidden in the right ear. The battery will last a little longer than usual because of the auto-off function when removing the headphones from his head. This simple and at the same time a terrific option works due to the sensor on the inside of the right, and is designed to not waste energy. Unfortunately, it works only when listening to music from the iOS, Android or Windows Phone. When playing music from any other source, this feature works only as a noise reduction.

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The good aspect of the model is touch control gestures on the right ear. To increase the sound enough to hold up a finger. To reduce the sound – down. Swipe forward – the next track, back – the last. Single touch – pause, re – play. When an incoming signal from the phone receives a call, press once. Gestures are very simple and do not require a study guide. In contrast to the paper, which are accustomed to produce the SONY, instructions Parrot Zik is extremely small. And this is good.

A very important point is the active noise reduction. With four built-in microphones, external noises are blocked very well, which is almost comparable with the popular in this regard Bose QuietComfort.
Those, in turn, are positioned as the best for the aircraft, where the engine noise is heard throughout the flight. With Parrot Zik application can activate the surround sound mode.

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