Unique Shape Drone with 360 Panoramic 4K HD Camera

At the Berlin IFA 2016 exhibition the unusual UAV was shown. It is about PowerEgg created by PowerVision Robot developers. The invention has unique construction. In added a look, the product reminds egg. The device facilitates transportation and protects blades. The battery capacity lasts for 23 minutes of flight. Control is exercised from a pad or the smartphone. Navigation is simplified by GPS. The camera on 13,9 Mpx helps to avoid hindrances. Shooting 4K with a speed of 30 shots per second is supported. PowerEgg disperses to 46,8 km/h. The ceiling of height makes 4 km.

PowerVision PowerEgg Drone
with 360 Panoramic 4K HD Camera
3-axis Gimbal, High Speed 64GB Memory Card

Unique Shape Drone

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