App Controlled Smart Robot Ball

This radio guided App Controlled Smart Robot Ball Sphero 2.0 connects to an iPhone vie Bluetooth. Spherical coordinated robot is able to roll over on the floor, to swim and even to rotate in the water. For this ball actually were designed more than 25 applications and games for a two together entertainment or just for entertainment in the group of friends.

Best home handheld ball robot

For instance, in Drawn N’ Drive application, the user is able to draw up the labyrinths or some routes, which Sphero 2.0 will reproduce, and in ColorGrab the user needs to try catching the ball, while it lights up with the corresponding color.
The robot works app. 1 hour after 1 charging cycle, and а lithium polymer battery takes the power from “air”, in another words from a wireless mode.

Sphero 2.0 App-Controlled Robot Ball

The App-Controlled Robot Ball

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