1-Meter Wide Windscreen Display New Electro-Car

Now, we’re surrounded with innovations in all areas of our life. High technologies are coming to cars too. Most people still use smartphones even when they are behind the wheel but what if you had a large display right beside you? This idea doesn’t sound unrealistic now – the Chinese company Future Mobility Corp specializing in electric vehicles reported that they would make the first car with a display fitted right on the dashboard.

Wide Windscreen Display New Electro-Car

The new car will be called Byton. According to company’s statements, it will be a SUV equipped with an electric engine and an autopilot system. The company is quite secretive about the technical specifications. All we know is that the car will have a touch-sensitive screen on the steering wheel and huge 1.25-meter display that goes from the driver window to the passenger window. The car will be operated with swipes on the displays, gestures and voice. Byton won’t even have a traditional ignition key – the car has integrated face recognition. Basically, it starts inly when it recognizes your face – just like iPhone X.

New Electro-Car

Byton has a bright future – the company already received around $200M of investments for making the car. A fully functional Byton electric car is expected to be shown in Las Vegas next winter. Apart from the SUV, Future Mobility Corp is interested in other models that will be released over the next 5 years. The list includes a family 7-seat minivan and a saloon car.